Printed lunch boxes and lunch bags

Various eco-lunch bags, stylish lunch boxes and other coolers and bags. For every Retulp lunch-to-go, a tree is planted.

Personalising bread bins, cooler bags or lunch bags

With drinking bottles, we ensure that drinking water is donated in developing countries. With lunchboxes, we ensure that trees are planted in a sustainable way. For every lunchbox 1 tree! Choice of eco-lunch bags, stylish lunch boxes and other coolers and bags.

Do your employees or business relations take their lunch with them in plastic bags or silver paper? That is of course anything but sustainable. For each Retulp lunch to go sold, a tree is planted. In this way, you reduce your impact on climate change even more. A lunch box is a perfect product to increase brand awareness of your company. It is a business gift that is used every day. Would you like to print a bread bin in your own company colour or in your house style? You can find bread bins and lunch bags in various price ranges in our range.

Eco lunch boxes as a business gift, private label or merchandise

A printed lunch box may not be the first thing you think of when you are looking for a suitable business gift, but did you know that a printed lunch box is one of the most successful gifts to give away? A printed bread bin or lunch box is a practical gift that is used by young and old alike. It is therefore not surprising that the lunch box with a name and logo is a popular giveaway in schools. But of course, you can also delight your own employees with a personalised lunch box. If you combine the bread bin with a water bottle or thermos, you are giving a very original and practical gift for on the road.

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We can print the lunch box with a logo, slogan or other slogan.  From a foldable lunch bag that takes up as little space as possible to the traditional sturdy bread box. The various bread bins with logo are durable, BPA-free and food-safe, making them an interesting business gift. You can hand out the bread bins as giveaways or use them to create more unity at the office. You can first assess the design based on a digital example, before we get to work for you.

Order your personalised sustainable lunch box online

We all need a lunch box, with which we can keep our sandwiches as fresh as possible. You can choose from different bread bins, from very colourful and eye-catching to more sleek and business-like. Are you looking for a lunch box or the traditional bread box that we have been using for decades? We can print the bread bin and make it a wonderful business gift that you can give out to your customers and other relations. Have you made a choice from our range of bread bins, lunch bags or cooler bags? Then you can simply order the bread bin online. Request the PDF brochure now.