In The Spotlight: Foenix & Retulp. At Retulp we are always curious about how and where our products are used. Foenix, an organization in Apeldoorn for circular & reintegration, placed an order at Retulp for the Christmas package of their employees. We were allowed to watch behind the scenes with Ellis Hendriks from Foenix.

Why Foenix chose for the bottles of Retulp

Ellis: “The reason that we have chosen for the bottles of Retulp in our Christmas package is that the ideas of Retulp are very closely aligned with those of Foenix.”

The circular economy is a very important asset for us. With the sale of second-hand items and raw materials, we contribute to reducing waste. In fact, Retulp has the same purpose by using reusable bottles to avoid disposable plastic bottles. In addition, it appeals to me that Retulp is a company in Apeldoorn, just like Foenix.

How the bottles are used

“Every year, all our 750 employees receive a Christmas package compiled by Foenix. Our regular employees voluntarily pack all the packages for their colleagues on a special evening every year. It is always very pleasant with a lot of chatter and Christmas music in the background. Such moments make a social organization like ours very strong! The package contains all kinds of goodies and indulgences from the local supermarket and this year also a beautiful stainless steel Retulp bottle, printed with the logo of Foenix. A beautiful and practical gift for all our employees!”

At Retulp we are very happy that our bottles end up with such a fantastic organization as Foenix! We hope that all employees have enjoyed their Christmas package and will use the bottle frequently.

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