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Meet the durable, stylish and ironclad products from Retulp.

All Retulp products can be personalized with your company logo or text.

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    The struggle for sustainability

    In our view of the future, disposables do not feature. We combine this ideal image with decisiveness in the form of sustainable products. From drinking bottles to recycled bags - our products all contribute to a better world for people, animals and the environment. Are you looking for fair products for your own shop or do you want to develop a business gift with your message in it? Discover which products best fit your mission and get inspired!

    Keuze al gemaakt?!

    Zakelijk bestellen zonder een eigen logo of personalisatie kan heel makkelijk via onze webshop. Maak hiervoor een Zakelijk account aan op de webshop. Na goedkeuring zijn de zakelijke (retail) prijzen in te zien en is er de mogelijkheid om direct online te bestellen.

    Fast delivery

    Durable material

    Fair prices

    Stylish design


    Drinking Bottles

    Who says Retulp, says drinking bottles. This is our main product, and with it we fight against disposable plastic. By filling our bottles over and over again, together we make disposables obsolete. Moreover, for every Retulp bottle we sell, we donate 1000x the content of drinking water to developing countries through our partner Made Blue. This is how we help eliminate disposable plastic from the world and at the same time ensure clean drinking water where it is needed.

    Reusable Cups

    A lot of trash ends up in the environment by people who are on the go and don't see or don't want to see an option to throw their trash in a trash can. A large part of this consists of bottles, bags but also single-use coffee cups, among other things. As an alternative to this, Retulp has included a number of reusable Coffee 2 Go cups. With the upcoming SUP legislation, it is also prohibited to still give out single-use cups for free. A reusable cup saves you money and is better for the environment. Moreover, it is a good advertising medium for your company.

    For using cups in the office, Retulp also has some good reusable solutions in different price ranges and designs.


    Lunch products

    We are all on the road at times. And everyone needs to eat and drink. the result? Lots of disposable plastic in nature and a big pile of trash that can't be recycled. A shame! Because the solution is so easy. With the lunch products from Retulp you replace plastic sandwich bags, PET bottles and more! Plus, you take food with you even easier. Your hot drinks stay hot with our lunch pods and your yogurt stays cold just as easily. Or take the handy lunch boxes and use the lid as a cutting board. With logo, without logo - everything is possible with our sustainable lunch products.

    Sustainable bags

    Bags are as much utensils as they are style items. But they are still mostly produced from scarce raw materials only to end up in the garbage after having served. That can be done differently. Drastically different. We have a sustainable line of bags made from upcycled materials. Think of tarpaulin or truck canvas, inner tubes and seat belts or PET bottles. All materials that are perfectly reusable for other purposes but are often simply discarded because they are considered worthless.

    We also have some cooler bags that we made in cooperation with Club Kakatua. They use large 'arms' in rivers in Indonesia to ensure that plastic is removed from rivers before it flows into the sea. When you purchase these high quality cooler bags, you are automatically helping to build this. Our sustainable bags are proof that the opposite is true. There are endless opportunities to counteract single-use products and we are taking advantage of them all.


    Gift sets

    A unique gift makes a world of difference. Think about it: if you receive a corporate gift that has a place in every goodie bag or promotional bag, chances are you already have one on the shelf. And where does this gift end up? Right, next to the other four in the back of the kitchen cabinet. To be unique as a company, you have to think outside the box. But in our case, inside the box. With our beautiful gift sets you give your business relations or employees a box for sustainability. Put together your own gift set for any occasion and surprise your environment with added value. For yourself, for others and for the world.

    Different printing methods

    Personalize your bottle by choosing one of the many printing methods. Do you want to print only the front of your bottle? You can have this done in up to 3 printing colors. If you would like to have your logo or artwork printed in 1 color and/or larger, you can have the bottle printed all around except for 1 cm by means of screen printing. Do you want something special? Then you have the possibility to print all around by means of a full color print. The number of printing colors is unlimited and even photos are possible. Looking for something subtle with a chic look? Then choose laser engraving for a luxurious finish.

    Printed bottles

    Pad printing

    This printing method is best suited for printing detailed logos. A logo with pad printing is placed on a rectangular area on one side of the bottle.

    ✓ Ideal for detailed printing

    ✓ Clean lines and possible in several colors

    Printed bottles all around


    This printing method allows you to place your design on the front, back and even all around. Screen printing gives a beautiful result and makes maximum use of the available print area.

    ✓ Large print area

    ✓ Multiple logos for the same price

    Engraving printed bottles


    Laser engraving is a durable and stylish way to personalize your bottles. The laser removes the color coating from the bottle, allowing the stainless steel to stand out beautifully.

    ✓ Stylish finish

    ✓ Highly wear-resistant

    Stainless steel Urban bottles with full color imprint

    Full color

    With the full-color printing method, you can have photos and illustrations printed on your bottle, either all around or on one side. The bottle can be finished with a glossy coating.

    ✓ Seamless design

    ✓ Multiple logos and/or photos

    Mission Indisposable 2015-2025

    200,000,000 liters of drinking water donation
    200,000,000 saving disposables

    Retulp wants to close the plastic tap and open the drinking water tap again. Mission Indisposable, it's possible!

    Want to know more about our products?

    Do you have questions about our products, such as the production process or materials? Then please do not hesitate to contact us! We would be happy to tell you more and meet people who are just as enthusiastic about sustainability as we are.