Different colored stylish lunch boxes. A lunch box is a perfect product to increase brand awareness of your company. It is a promotional gift that is used every day. For every Retulp lunch-to-go, a tree is planted.

  • BPA free and no toxins
  • Easy to clean
  • Fast delivery time, 8 to 10 working days


The bottles and other lunch products in our range are all of excellent quality and can be used over and over again. Find out which product best suits your business, and create your design!

Printable from 60 pieces, price varies between €11.50 and €19.00.

Printable from 250 pieces, price varies between €19.00 and €22.00.

A beautiful sustainable lunch box with your own imprint

Step 1


Select the lunch box or sandwich bag you want to print.

Step 2


Send your vector file* (eps or ai) and we will mail a digital proof.

your logo goes here

* There are 2 printing options:
Laser engraving
Pad printing

Step 3


Production starts after you approve the print and quote.

Different printing methods

Personalize your Lunchbox or Food Bowl by choosing one of the finishing methods. The Lunchbox can be personalized with laser engraving on the bamboo lid. The porcelain Food Bowl can be provided with the desired design by means of transfer printing. Here the number of print colors is unlimited and even photos are possible.


Laser engraving is a durable and stylish way to personalize your bottles. The laser removes the color coating from the bottle, allowing the stainless steel to stand out beautifully.

✓ Stylish finish

✓ Highly wear-resistant

Transfer print

This printing method allows you to place your design on the front, back and even all around. Transfer printing gives beautiful results and makes maximum use of the available printing surface.

✓ Large print area

✓ Multiple logos for the same price

Fast delivery time

Durable material

Your own message

Competitively priced

Personalizing breadboxes and lunchboxes

The Retulp Lunchbox is perfect for carrying your sandwiches or sandwiches on the go. It is compact and has a unique and luxurious look with the durable bamboo lid. The lid can also be used as a cutting board/breadboard if needed.

Lunch box with spork

Lunchbox print Deutschland

Eco lunchboxes as a business gift or merchandise

A printed lunch box may not be the first thing that comes to mind when you are looking for a suitable business gift, but a lunch box is a practical gift that is used by young and old alike. If you combine the lunchbox with a water bottle or thermos cup, you are giving a very original and practical gift for on the go.

We can imprint the bread bin with logo, slogan or any other slogan. It is handy for filling with bread, but the included spork also makes other meals fine to take and eat. The lunchbox and spork are made of polypropylene. The Retulp lunchbox has a sturdy bamboo lid. The elastic band closes the Ecobox in a good way. In addition, the lunchbox has a silicone rim in the lid, making it completely airtight. This keeps your lunch fresh for a long time! Enjoy your lunch!

  • Includes elastic band and handy spork and available in three colors: black, blue and white
  • Free from BPA and toxic substances
  • Packaged in a cute cardboard box with text : "happiness comes in a small box"
  • Silicone edge in the lid, making the box air and watertight. This keeps food fresh for an extra long time!