Sustainable solution for offices

Always clean coffee cups with full-service dishwasher

  • Solution office coffee cups
  • Installation and maintenance included
  • Environmentally friendly and efficient cleaning

Full service solution rental

Imagine an office morning without the pile of disposable cups next to the coffee machine. Everyone always having their own reusable cup on hand. Thanks to our dishwasher with coffee cups service, this is a reality. No more hassle with disposable cups or cleaning mugs. Choose our solution and make your office sustainable and efficient!

The partnership with Auum offers the ideal solution for businesses and offices. This full service option means that, as a business, you rent the dishwasher including coffee cups for a fixed amount per month. The service includes not only the installation of the dishwasher, but also maintenance and any replacement of parts. This allows you as a company to relinquish all worries and always have clean coffee cups in the office! Switching to reusable has never been easier.

Cleaning of coffee cups

This collaboration with Auum offers offices a comprehensive, environmentally conscious solution to effectively reduce waste from disposable coffee cups. The reusable coffee cups undergo a disinfection process, in which dry steam heats the cups to above 140°C. The innovative Smart Cleaning technology transforms coffee cup cleaning and the use of dishwashers within companies. This approach is not only quick and easy, but also particularly environmentally conscious. As a result, the small coffee cup dishwasher offers the ideal solution for reducing waste in the office. This also reduces the use of single-use cups. Make the sustainable switch!

Always clean coffee cups in the office

By choosing Auum's convenient small office dishwashers, you choose efficiency and durability. Plus, you'll never have dirty mugs in the sink again.

The Auum dishwasher ensures that minimum energy and water is required to clean the reusable coffee cups. Moreover, the dishwasher works easily and quickly, allowing all employees to use it daily. This makes the dishwasher a good investment for any business. The dishwasher fits any office and can be easily installed. The entire service around installation and maintenance is included. Reuse has never been so easy!

Choosing the full service dishwasher with coffee cups shows your company that you care about sustainability. A good solution for yourself, another person and the planet.

Replacement of disposable paper cups

On average, an employee drinks about 3 drinks per day. For an office with 100 employees, this equates to a total of 66,300 drinks per year and thus just as many single-use cups.

The Auum-S dishwasher is designed to clean coffee cups easily and quickly. This makes the cleaning process more efficient and significantly reduces water and energy consumption. This ensures that the impact on the environment is lowered. Feel free to contact us using the form below!