Articles by Lianne

Have you heard of the #trashtag?

Through Facebook we came across a new phenomenon, the "trash tag," which is all about cleaning up litter. Very good of course! Below we explain what this challenge entails but most of all why we at Retulp hope that good initiatives like this become obsolete! #trashtag The 'Trashtag Challenge' is a trend currently going around on [...].

In the spotlight: Phoenix & Retulp

At Retulp, we are always curious about how and where our products are used. Phoenix, organization for Recycling & Reintegration in Apeldoorn, placed an order with Retulp for the Christmas package of their employees. We were allowed to look behind the scenes with Ellis Hendriks of Foenix. Why Phoenix chose Retulp bottles Ellis: "The reason [...]

Retulp's Mission Indisposable 2020

We believe in a world without disposable plastic. A world in which no unnecessary plastic is produced which after one time ends up in the sea and causes a lot of damage here. Four years ago Retulp started with the goal of reducing this disposable plastic. Meanwhile, we have set ourselves a concrete goal; In the beginning of [...]

Retulps Guilty Plastic Pleasures

Every week Retulp posts a "Guilty Plastic Pleasure," a confession from one of us or a Retulp partner. Curious about what we mean by a 'Guilty Plastic Pleasure' and why we do it? Then read along! What is a Guilty Plastic Pleasure? Although we've seen the term passed around somewhere by now, [...]

In the spotlight: Kingcanary & Retulp

We are always curious about how and where our products are used. Event agency Kingcanary from Amsterdam placed an order with Retulp for a large Heineken event. We got a look behind the scenes from project manager Selfa Verlaat. Why Kingcanary chose Retulp Selfa: "From Kingcanary, we are increasingly engaged in the [...]

5 tips to avoid waste at the coffee machine

For many, coffee is among the primary necessities of life. But how sustainable is the cup of coffee at your workplace? Here are 5 tips to avoid waste at the coffee machine. A real mug Perhaps the most simple and obvious tip, use a mug instead of a disposable cup. Although paper is better [...]

Stopping for litter

Plogging is the new trend from Sweden. What you need? Running shoes, a dirt bag and (a little) fitness, to start with. (; Plocka The word "plogging" is an amalgamation of the Swedish word "plocka," meaning to pick up, and "jogging. In Sweden, this trend started in 2016, and plogging is now finding ground [...]