Retulp fles bij Heineken event

In the spotlight: Kingcanary & Retulp

We are always very curious about how and where our products are used. Event agency Kingcanary from Amsterdam placed an order at Retulp for a large event from Heineken. We were allowed to take a look behind the scenes with project manager Selfa Verlaat.

Why Kingcanary chose for the bottles of Retulp

Selfa: ”From Kingcanary we are increasingly working on the footprint we leave behind. Certainly in the event industry there is still much to improve. So even if it is still not perfect, we are thinking more and more about how we can make an event even more sustainable. During the Heineken event in July, among other things, I was responsible for “sustainability” from the project and organization team. Waste was the biggest concern. Based on that idea, the idea about not to use single-use water bottles at all arose and that’s how we ended up at Retulp. Retulp has a nice message (for yourself, another and the planet), certainly with the sponsoring of drinking water facilities. Moreover, it is a very nice bottle, which is definitely suitable for the business market.”

How our bottles are used

“The bottles are used instead of plastic water bottles. We have installed water points throughout the location where both the crew and the guests can refill their bottles. For the guests we went one step further. Prior to each plenary session, bottles were filled with cold water. At the end of the session, the guests were able to leave the dirty and empty bottles and we made sure that they were cleaned and refilled. The reactions were very good, both the crew and the guests really appreciated this promotion. In addition, the bottle is of course a very nice give-away and reminder of the event.”

Retulp flessen bij Heineken event

Anti-plastic heroes

“With this promotion we have saved around 7.500 plastic bottles and we have made both the crew and the guests aware. Who knows how many plastic bottles they will save with the Retulp bottles in the future?”

We are extremely proud that our

bottles have been able to contribute to a more sustainable event and it is good to see that concrete steps are being taken to change the event industry. Furthermore, Kingcanary has made a donation of 800.000 litres of clean drinking water with their order. Fantastic!