5 Anti-Plastic heroes

At Retulp we believe in a world without disposable plastic and that is why we started offering stainless steel alternatives to disposable plastic about 5 years ago. But the problem of the plastic soup is much bigger than just plastic bottles and cups. Fortunately we are not alone in the fight against disposable plastic and a lot of people and companies are committed to this every day. Below we put 5 Dutch anti-plastic heroes in the spotlight (with secretly a sixth, non-Dutch company)

Plastic Soup Surfer

Merijn Tinga, a.k.a The Plastic Soup Surfer, uses his surfboard (made of recycled plastic) as a weapon against disposable plastic in the sea. Last year he made a real statement by surfing the Seine to the Rhine on his own surfboard in 8 days to open the “World Clean-up Day”. He is currently working on a manifesto in which he argues about the proper handling of plastic without pollution. This is all about recycling, but also about preventing it. Read and support the manifesto here!


Sea First Foundation

“Education is the most powerful weapon to change the world”spoke Nelson Mandela. Education as a weapon is also the starting point of the Sea First Foundation. On the one hand, they want to show people the beauty and biodiversity of aquatic life and, on the other hand, to talk about the problems surrounding pollution and damage to the oceans. The most important target group of the Sea First Foundation are children and young people because they are the future. Plastic pollution is one of the six most important topics and they are also concerned with animal welfare and fishing. Here you can read more about the good work of the Sea First Foundation: https://www.seafirst.org/

The Zero Waste Project

Jessie and Nicky Kroon from “The Zero Waste Project” started their zero waste lifestyle in 2014. This means that they try to produce as little (plastic) waste as possible. They look for alternatives to products that contain plastic or are packaged in plastic, and for that reason they ignore certain products. Their book was published in 2018 in which they describe their zero-waste journey and give useful tips and recipes. On the website you will find nice blogs, hotspots and other tips. https://www.hetzerowasteproject.nl/

Bamboo Brush Society

Did you know that we use 5 trillion plastic toothbrushes every year on this earth? and that 2 trillion of them end up in landfill and in the sea? Roger Nefkens was so shocked that he founded The Bamboo Brush Society. They sell, as the name suggests, toothbrushes made of bamboo. The shop has been expanded with bamboo cotton buds, bamboo cutlery and a stainless steel tongue scraper. It is fantastic that Roger offers a specific alternative to reduce plastic in the ocean. You can find the TBBS products here: https://thebamboobrushsociety.com/

Go Clean – De Liemers

To indicate that regional impact can be just as meaningful as national. Go Clean de Liemers Foundation has set itself the goal of making “Duiven” (a town in The Netherlands) litter free within 10 years. By litter we mean all the waste in our environment that is NOT thrown away in a garbage bin, waste container, garbage bag, etc. Through collaboration, they have been able to create a major local impact for years. Their last achievement was the collaboration with the Litterati app. That is why they register and tag all waste in the Litterati app. With this app, they can demonstrate to the perpetrators of litter: look, it was not neat here. Because of us it is “tidy, tagged and cleaned up! With that information they give the problem back to the source fighters.

Take a look at their inspiring website and join!



All right then, a bonus anti-plastic hero. Lush is not originally a Dutch company, but is also located in Amsterdam, Haarlem, Utrecht, The Hague, Rotterdam and Den Bosch. Lush sells fresh, handmade care products. A big plus is that they sell a lot of products “naked”. Before you get strange ideas, it means that these products are sold without packaging (;. The liquid soaps and lotions are in jars and bottles made of 100% recycled plastic, from which a large part comes from the Lush stores. This is because they encourage customers to return the packaging to the store. A nice closed circular cycle! Stop by one of the stores or check the website: https://nl.lush.com/

At Retulp we try to reduce the plastic soup by offering stainless steel water bottles and mugs as an alternative. A great product that also makes the earth happy.

Ideas and inspiration about printed sustainable drinking bottles & thermoses

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Marga LamersCompany: Van Bamboe

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Mirjam Horstmeier Company: Oxfam Novib

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Claartje VisserCompany: Mensely

“High-quality products from a company with a clear and social vision!”

Michiel van der NeutCompany: Radisson Blu Hotel Amsterdam Airport

“Super nice Dutch product with clear ambition: reducing plastic bottles and giving back drinking water. It always starts with 1 step in the right direction and I think that Retulp is making big steps. In addition, top service and quality product so I am very satisfied!”

Sabine SwinkelsCompany: Rethinking Group

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Patrick, Jeron & FreekCompany: Creating Heroes

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Margreet MettingCompany: Wadapartja

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Mariska BerrevoetsCompany: Stichting Grasnapolsky Festivals

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Lonneke van SoestCompany: Cocosoft

“Win-win situatie: het kunnen bijdragen aan mission indisposable was voor ons even zo belangrijk als onze medewerkers blij maken met een prachtig product!”

Ellis Swinkels-HendriksBedrijf: Foenix Kringloop en reintegratie

“With Retulp as part of our Christmas package for employees, we not only rewarded employees with a beautiful cup, but also – very important – contributed to clean drinking water.”

Astrid van Rooij Company: Heerlijkheid Mariënwaerdt

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Marius Wiegers Company: Compagnon

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Rosanne WolffCompany: Franke